Thursday, July 7, 2011


Consistently consistent.

Over the years there have been a lot of ups and downs, ins and outs, this and that's. But one thing remains consistent: my follow through never keeps up with my initial enthusiasm.

Lots of things have been going on over the last few months, and packing up a house full of crap confirms that I have full-on ADD. Digging through boxes and closets reveals a never ending string interests and hobbies. I am a little scared that if I don't change my ways I will find myself in an episode of hoarders one of these days.

Examples: school, work, exercise, every hobby I have ever had, blogging. I am still interested in all of these things, I just find something else I am interested in more and move to the next thing. I am a dabbler in a million different things. As part of some recent self reflection, I realize that I am not present in the moment very often. I need to slow down, simplify, listen and take it all in.

I am one of the dogs from the movie Up. SQUIRREL! A bit unfocused and easily distracted. But I like to think that this makes me quirky and endearing, rather than flaky and frustrating.

My "new" house is half the size and ten times the ghetto. But it has tons of potential, is in a great area that is walking distance to plenty of shops, restaurants and bars, and will be absolutely fabulous one of these days. Right now it's kind of like your crazy Uncle Earl - sagging in the middle, a little dilapidated, wearing some out-of-date fashions, and a little offbeat, but still your favorite.

I have been kind of busy working on my life list too. Updates to follow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Goodbye 2010, it's time to move on

So, anyway. What a year, huh?

Suffice it to say that 2010 didn't turn out the way that I thought it would. Major life changes. Ups and downs. Endings and beginnings. Happiness and sadness. A new dog. A new (old) house. A plan to get back on track.

I will leave 2010 with the same image I started it with. And the hope that 2011 will be these things and more.