Saturday, September 26, 2009

One of those days . . .

You know how sometimes you have the best intentions, but things just don't go your way? In the grand scheme of things, it's nothing major, but several moments today were a comedy of errors, embarrassing moments and lack of productivity.

I had big plans - a list a mile long of tasks to be accomplished. Errands, marathon training, household chores and cleaning to be done before we have friends over for Monday night football.

Up early and out to lake to meet friends for a run. Had to leave Dakota home, since the plan was to run 14 miles and she hasn't run in a few months. The more dedicated members of the group were absent, so the rest of us decided to shorten to 10. At mile 4 my knee started hurting, so I whined and walked. 8 miles complete and I came home to Dakota looking at me like she knew she could have come all along.

Off to run errands. I took Shiner with me even though I had the top down in the car. Trying to go the extra mile in the green department, I planned to drop off a large piece of glass at the framing shop. I had broken the corner and the shop will cut it down to reuse in smaller sizes. On the way in the door, Shiner barked at a lady, causing me to turn around quickly and drop the glass on the sidewalk outside the store. Of course, it breaks into many pieces - probably all too small to be reused. Poor worker guy has to come out and help me pick up the pieces. Basically, I just brought him a pile of trash and extra work. SUPER EMBARRASSING!

Off to drop off a bunch of bags at the charity shop and there is a festival between me and where I need to go. Streets closed, detours, traffic jams. Smart people would have gone back another day. Not me. 40 mins later I made it just in the nick of time. Items dropped off and the scenic route home.

Picked up some pictures that I had enlarged for framing, and didn't look at them in the store - dumb, huh? Got them home and 2 out 10 have splotches on them. Guess I am going back tomorrow, because I think that I am staying home for the rest of the day!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in the bad old days

Kids these days have it so easy!

They have stylish people to emulate. Music is full of fashionable and super sexy women. When I was in my formative years, I had to rock animal print spandex, fringed leather jackets and 2 cans of aqua-net.

Or maybe some lace gloves, big cross jewelry and leggings (also with big hair)?

Sweatshirt with the collar cut off (ditto big hair)?

Why couldn't I get some of this kind of thing?

If my generation hadn't had to use all that aqua-net, there might not be a hole in the ozone layer today!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

I have been to Colorado a million times, but I seem to keep going to the same places over and over again. Having to go solo to a family wedding (where solo means dragging the dogs along) I figured that this would be a great time to take the scenic route and go somewhere I had never been before.

I had to go from Breck to Longmont. Google maps suggested going to Denver and then heading north - BORING! I see enough of that road on the CME van from the airport. So, after about 10 minutes of thought I chose to head up through Rocky Mountain National Park. The mutts are always up for a road trip, so we headed out early with camera and scooby snacks in hand.

It was a nice little adventure, although the poor dogs weren't welcome at many places in the park. We saw lots of nature and wildlife, had a picnic, went on a hike, took a little swim (them, not me) barked at some people (again, them) and had a great time. They took a really long nap when we got to the hotel.

Family wedding went well . . . family bonding, food and wine.

Another scenic route on the way home, more to see and bark at. Happy dogs, relaxed Laura. We should do this kind of thing WAY MORE OFTEN!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hello, Tall, Blond and Dead

I just watched the season finale of the HBO series True Blood. It is a pretty good show - sometimes a bit corny (including tonight) but different than the normal fare. It takes place in Louisiana and follows the lives of some people in a small town. And by people I mean people, vampires, shape-shifters, fairies, werewolves and such. It's pretty southern - full of accents, front porches, bars, sweltering days and half naked men.

This type of show is not my typical genre, but this particular show has a few pretty people to look at, so that helps me remember to tune in. My particular favorite would be Eric Northman, aka Alex Skarsgard.

I wouldn't mind being a vampire if I could hang out with him for a few hundred years. Which got me pondering . . . . think of all the time you'd have if you became a vampire! You could learn so much about so many different subjects. Anything and everything. And that folks, is what makes me a complete geek.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

14 years goes by so fast

Fourteen years ago today (September 10, 1995) I got a terrible phone call on a Sunday morning. I was 22 and had just graduated from college. I didn't have a job and was trying to figure out where life would take me.

My father taught Sunday school in our small town church. At the end of the class, after leading them in prayer, my father had a massive stroke. It was over quickly and peacefully just seven months after my mother died.

I remember throwing some clothes in the car and heading out for the 4 hour drive back home after calling my sisters and giving them the news. I remember Fire and Rain by James Taylor playing on the radio. I remember that it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. When I got to the hospital my father looked at peace. When I got to the house, Teddy the dog knew that something wasn't right.

It is hard to believe that 14 years have gone by. I was so close to my father, and now I have learned to live without him. He was brilliant, well-read, strong and handy. He could remodel a house or discuss quantum physics. He walked around humming to himself all the time. He always encouraged me, believed in me, and provided me with everything I needed and more. I am thankful that I got 22 years, but sad that I never got to know him when I was an adult, or that the Rock Star never got to meet him.

I miss you!