Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everyone Loves a List

Another day, another list. The idea is intriguing, 101 tasks in 1001 days. Find out more here.

I started my first life list in high school. Some of the items have changed, and those first lists are long gone, but this as a good time to re-focus. Long term life list items are listed at the bottom (some of them didn't fit in the 101/1001 plan).

This sounds like a great way to shake things up. I started on March 17 and will have until December 13, 2011 to complete this list.

In progress

Keeping my priorities straight:
1. *Private* - Relationship
2. Pups - more exercise, more training, more dog park, more petting, more lovin
3. block out time for things I enjoy - friends, family, baking, tennis, biking, walks, etc

Planes, trains, automobiles and adventure:
4. Say "yes" to at least 10 things I would initially say "no" to (5/10)
5. travel to 3 states and 3 countries I have never been to before
6. ride in a hot air balloon
7. leave my city once a month, leave my country once a year
8. scuba dive (6/19/10)
9. skydive
10. paintball
11. visit at least 10 new places (2/10)
12. visit dfw as if I was a tourist
13. volunteer abroad
14. go to 5 museums (1/5)
15. climb to the top of a tree and take a picture of the view
16. go to the beach (6/18-6/23/2010)
17. take a trip by myself (6/18-6/23/2010)

Mama nature:
18. adopt one new "green" habit per month (4/33)
19. gardening - finish all my projects
20. compost - revive my pile and get a new bucket for the kitchen (3/27/09)

Building up my karma:
21. stop bitching about something and try to change it
22. give 10 anonymous gifts (0/10)
23. complete at least 1 cycle of 29 gifts
24. Donate 1 million grains of rice on FreeRice and 5 trees from answer4earth
25. Help someone through Kiva (01/12/2010)
26. write anonymous post it notes and leave them for people to find (0/50)
27. send notes to people's supervisors when they do a great job (2/10)
28. tell 5 teachers or others how much they have influenced me
29. compliment 1 person I don't know well each day for 30 days (0/30)
30. donate blood regularly (not just when they come to the office)

Let's get physical . . . it's best to look good AND feel good!
31. re-establish yoga practice (home and studio)-be able to do splits, scorpion & handstand
32. maintain standards for pushups (75) , sit-ups (80) and 2 mile run (17:00)
33. down with Dr Pepper, up with H2O
34. be able to do at least 2 unassisted pull-ups
35. incorporate small bits of exercise and stretching into my work day
36. lose 10-15 pounds (9 gone!)
37. brush/floss/wash face/take out contacts/take vitamins etc EVERY NIGHT!
38. back to being more girly - nails, lotions, smelly stuff, hair, clothes

Just call me a polymath:
39. read 50 books
40. exercise my brain - new words, puzzles, games, etc
41. learn to make candles
42. learn to juggle
43. learn to knit
44. learn a cool magic trick
45. learn to play chess
46. take a fencing class (knowing how to sword fight might be handy!)
47. go to the shooting range to be comfortable with our gun
48. learn a large basic set of phrases in another language (or 2)
49. make 1000 paper cranes and and learn 5 other origami shapes
50. learn a great joke and a great go-to toast for a couple of occasions
51. take a dance class (9/5/09-11/15/09)
52. come up with a go-to signature alcoholic beverage order

Social Butterfly:
53. host a dinner at least every 2 months (1/16)
54. host a mystery dinner party
55. host a theme party (costumes, roller skating, etc.)
56. create a list of family and friends I want to nurture relationships with
57. communicate at least once a week with someone on that list
58. learn 100 new facts about those on the list
59. join postcrossing and send/receive at least 10 postcards
60. accompany 5 friends/family for one of their favorite hobbies that I haven't done

Food, food and more food:
61. try 15 foods that I have never tried before (4/15)
62. try 15 foods that I think that I don't like (2/15)
63. bring my lunch to work at least 3 days per week (0/143)
64. eat at 20 new restaurants (no chains) (8/20)
65. try at least 5 new recipes each month (0/33)
66. take a cooking class
67. have 15-20 great go-to recipes in each category (apps, main, veg main, sides, desserts)
68. join the organic/locally grown food coop (04/14/2009)
69. eat breakfast at least 5 times per week (0/143)

For my sanity:
70. find balance - work/home/other interests
71. write letters to myself to open on future milestone birthdays & end of challenge
72. start each day for 1 month with 15 minutes of quiet time/meditation (0/31)
73. make a list of 25 things I like about myself (1/2010)
74. make a list of 25 things that make me happy (12/2009)
75. make a list of the cool things that would be on this list if I hadn't already done them (4/15/09)
76. don't complain about anything for an entire month (0/31)
77. don't make a sarcastic or rude comment for one week (0/7)

It's all about the Benjamins:
78. get out of debt/stay out of debt
79. grow emergency fund to $10,000 and keep it there - start rainy day fund after that
80. write will/get papers in order
81. go 40 days without buying any material thing for myself that I don't need
82. create budget and stick to it - plus really track where all money goes for a few weeks

Creativity is cool:
83. scrapbooks - get current and stay current
84. scrapbook - finish T's birthday gift
85. scan family photos and create DVD
86. begin family trees and geneology project (recruit family members to help)
87. take a photography class (done! 4/24/10)
88. get a new camera and use it
89. take an art class - painting or ceramics

Free my Chi:
90. clear clutter, free up energy
91. re-establish household routines (daily, weekly, monthly)
92. pick up after myself - never let things get out of hand
93. photos and other docs into offline backup (11/2/09)
94. throw out socks and undies I would be embarrassed about wearing if I got hit by a bus
95. work on focusing on the task at hand instead of succumbing to my total ADD
96. closet clean out/wardrobe update - if it doesn't fit or look fabulous, out it goes!

Rules, there must be rules:
97. create a blog for this pursuit and post updates as tasks are completed
98. take a picture to celebrate each goal's completion
99. put $10 in savings for each task completed and buy something special with it
100. for every task not completed donate $20 to charity
101. have a party to celebrate the completion of my 1001 days

Some of these tasks may sound a little vague, but rest assured that I have specifics for each of them. I will use this blog to hold myself accountable. Stay tuned!

Life List Goals (in no particular order)

Visit all 50 states (28 so far)
Visit 75 countries (8 so far)
Make a quilt
Fly a plane
Write a book
Ballroom dancing
Climb a mountain
Become a beekeeper
Get a donkey
Go rock climbing
Learn to surf
Learn to sail
Become a black belt
Be able to hold my own at gambling
Create a foundation/charity and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE
Learn sign language
Be conversational in three new languages
Take a road trip with no pre-determined destination
Take a class every year (or 2 at most) - can be something new or learning more
Some ideas for classes: art history, world literature, wine, web design
Take up piano again
Write down as many of my childhood memories as I can remember
Help others do the same
Be known as a fabulous cook, photographer, friend, relative and lover

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