Monday, November 2, 2009

Now I can sleep at night!

Over the years we have gone through many many computers. We have had a few accidents with laptops - dropped, smashed, crunched, soaked with water, etc. One memorable time when Deuce was a puppy he crawled up on my lap while I was working. I thought that he was so cute and sweet and cuddly until he looked right at me and projectile vomited all over me and my laptop.

Sadly, we have lost more than a few things over the years. Music, photos, important documents, who knows what else.

Enter the time machine. This thing really is cool. It will wirelessly - and automagically - back up multiple computers with NO intervention! Because, let's be honest, I am never going to actually back anything up with any regularity. My friend the time machine - I call him Phil (as in Phil F Nformation) - quietly goes about his business, backing up my laptop every hour. If my laptop isn't there or turned on he patiently waits until I get back and then catches up and saves all my information safe and sound.

Phil is also a wireless print server and a 2 gig network hard drive. He has been working hard for a month, and I am happy to have him. I love Phil and task 93 is complete!

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