Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

I have been to Colorado a million times, but I seem to keep going to the same places over and over again. Having to go solo to a family wedding (where solo means dragging the dogs along) I figured that this would be a great time to take the scenic route and go somewhere I had never been before.

I had to go from Breck to Longmont. Google maps suggested going to Denver and then heading north - BORING! I see enough of that road on the CME van from the airport. So, after about 10 minutes of thought I chose to head up through Rocky Mountain National Park. The mutts are always up for a road trip, so we headed out early with camera and scooby snacks in hand.

It was a nice little adventure, although the poor dogs weren't welcome at many places in the park. We saw lots of nature and wildlife, had a picnic, went on a hike, took a little swim (them, not me) barked at some people (again, them) and had a great time. They took a really long nap when we got to the hotel.

Family wedding went well . . . family bonding, food and wine.

Another scenic route on the way home, more to see and bark at. Happy dogs, relaxed Laura. We should do this kind of thing WAY MORE OFTEN!

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