Saturday, September 26, 2009

One of those days . . .

You know how sometimes you have the best intentions, but things just don't go your way? In the grand scheme of things, it's nothing major, but several moments today were a comedy of errors, embarrassing moments and lack of productivity.

I had big plans - a list a mile long of tasks to be accomplished. Errands, marathon training, household chores and cleaning to be done before we have friends over for Monday night football.

Up early and out to lake to meet friends for a run. Had to leave Dakota home, since the plan was to run 14 miles and she hasn't run in a few months. The more dedicated members of the group were absent, so the rest of us decided to shorten to 10. At mile 4 my knee started hurting, so I whined and walked. 8 miles complete and I came home to Dakota looking at me like she knew she could have come all along.

Off to run errands. I took Shiner with me even though I had the top down in the car. Trying to go the extra mile in the green department, I planned to drop off a large piece of glass at the framing shop. I had broken the corner and the shop will cut it down to reuse in smaller sizes. On the way in the door, Shiner barked at a lady, causing me to turn around quickly and drop the glass on the sidewalk outside the store. Of course, it breaks into many pieces - probably all too small to be reused. Poor worker guy has to come out and help me pick up the pieces. Basically, I just brought him a pile of trash and extra work. SUPER EMBARRASSING!

Off to drop off a bunch of bags at the charity shop and there is a festival between me and where I need to go. Streets closed, detours, traffic jams. Smart people would have gone back another day. Not me. 40 mins later I made it just in the nick of time. Items dropped off and the scenic route home.

Picked up some pictures that I had enlarged for framing, and didn't look at them in the store - dumb, huh? Got them home and 2 out 10 have splotches on them. Guess I am going back tomorrow, because I think that I am staying home for the rest of the day!

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