Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately, and today I decided that enough was enough.

The weather was absolutely fabulous. A perfect fall day. The Rockstar and his friends headed out this morning for a long motorcycle ride, and I took the mutts for a stroll before heading to work. As usual, they are high on life. They prance, they bounce, they smile. We could all learn some things from dogs. They truly live in the moment.

When I got to work, my calendar was surprising clear and the big boss was gone. My boss decided that we all have been working too much lately and sent us (including himself) home after lunch. WOO HOO!

I drove home with the top down on my car, the wind blowing my hair and a big smile on my face. A truck driver gave me an enthusiastic "Hey beautiful!" Who cares if it is a bit demeaning and if he says it to any woman with a pulse. I am quite sure he was sincere.

I got home, did some yard work and played ball with the mutts. I love fall. Even in Texas where it doesn't last long. I do believe that Dakota concurs (and that the poor girl hasn't missed any meals recently!)

I went to yoga, where I haven't been in a while, but I sorely miss. Just walking through the door is calming and relaxing. Bonus: I ran into a friend who gave me a box full of produce from her CSA! I talked to my sister and we are planning a trip together soon.

Today, I celebrate Happy Friday!

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