Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dog Park Karma

A while back, I made a resolution to take the mutts to the dog park more often.

As far as dogs go, ours are pretty much living the dream. They have a nice supply of bones and high dollar dog food, get plenty of table scraps, are allowed on the furniture, get at least one walk each day, have a giant yard to run around in in Texas, miles of forrest trails to roam in Colorado, plenty of squirrels to chase and we only dress them up silly costumes every couple of years.
I tried to make an effort to socialize them early and often but in our neck of the woods, dogs aren't really welcome out and about. (Although that is slowly changing - yay!) A couple of years ago they built a new dog park not too far from our house aptly named Wiggly Field. It's a dog's paradise - trees, grass, a small pond, a bigger pond with a trail around it and lots of booties to smell.

Deuce and Dakota aren't always the most popular dogs in the park. They want to be part of the crowd, but they have spent too much together and play too rough for some of the dogs. I sometimes wonder if they watch Wild Kingdom when I am not at home to learn new moves. They don't play chase very well either. They are a little like kids in junior high - trying just a bit too hard to fit in.

Last fall I was trying not to be a helicopter parent - read: wasn't paying close enough attention - and Deuce ran over to a picnic table where a few older folks were sitting and hiked his leg and tried to pee on a lady. I was so embarrassed and apologized profusely before slinking away.

Last week, I was standing in the park watching them try to act like normal dogs when I felt something on my leg. I turned around quickly and there was a slobbery bulldog owned by an old guy who hiked his leg and peed on me.

Thanks Deuce - I guess I deserved it and I will take one for the team.

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